Naha Kokusai Dori Street 30 seconds walk from the center, convenience good quiet location of the Ryujin Hotel Ukishima also in Chimudondon to tourism, of course Workation and Long Stay Recommended!
The Taisho classic naming is named after the legendary old well that lives in the dragon on the premises.
Tower condominium hotel with the latest comforts
Kariyushi Condominium Resort Naha Ryujin Hotel Ukishima(Ryujin Hotel Ukishima)
098-967-7112 かりゆしコンドミニアム事業部
Freely from Ukishima Dori Street Kokusai Dori Street, Tsuboya Yachimun-dori

【Official】Kariyushi Condominium Resort Naha Ryujin Hotel Ukishima

On January 20, 2021, a new urban tower condominium hotel was opened in a quiet location 30 seconds from Naha Kokusai Dori Street

Above all, I was passionate about "I want you to spend your time comfortably at the hotel."
FRANCE BED CO., LTD.'s latest model, which invites you to sleep comfortably
Silver ion high-hygiene bed "Culiess Ag" is introduced in all rooms for the first time in a hotel in Japan.

All rooms are spacious from 25㎡ to 42㎡
Wifi,Large 4K smart TV,Room theater(Free 200ch),IH kitchen,
kitchenware,Tableware,Microwave(Oven and),Plenty of 2-door refrigerator,
Air purifier with Plasmacluster humidification function,Washing machine,Gas clothes dryer,
Warm water washing toilet seats, baths and toilets are available in comfortable specifications for each private room.

At the entrance of the room, you can take off your shoes and go up like you are at home.
The flooring type is clean and safe for small children who are concerned about allergies.

For business users, in the work corner in the room
"A wide desk with a width of 125 cm and a depth of 70 cm, which makes it easy to operate the mouse and makes work easier."
Introduced "High Back Chair (Travelers Double, etc.)".
You will surely be able to get the job done during your stay, and you will be able to stay in harmony with the resort.

Phiten x Ryujin Hotel Ukishima “Healthy Lifestyle House (R) ROOM” now on sale!

  • Phiten x Ryujin Hotel Ukishima “House for Healthy Life (R) ROOM”

    A collaborative lodging plan"Healthy Lifestyle House (R) ROOM" where you can experience Phiten's unique technology that allows you to experience blissful relaxation in your room.

    Modern people have a lot of stress, such as an increasingly competitive society.In response to such a stressful society, "Ryujin Hotel Ukishima" collaborated with Phiten Co., Ltd. and started selling an accommodation plan where you can easily experience blissful relaxation in a stress care space.

    By creating a blissful relaxing space, Phiten Co., Ltd. has completed the "House of Healthy Life (R) ROOM" packed with its own "METAX technology" that allows you to stay healthy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The best device for work and telework

  • An indoor environment where you can concentrate, which is ideal for Workation

    【Travelers Double】Room example
    ・Secure a workspace where you can work easily and concentrate
    ・Wide desk (width 125 cm, depth 70 cm) 2 power supplies on the top plate
    ・High back chair
    ・Wifi(There is a wired LAN)
    ・Air purifier with humidification function(Plasmacluster function)
    ・BRAVIA 4K 43 inch smart TV
    ・Japan's first clean and hygienic bed(France Bed Curries Ag)
    ・Comfortable by separate bath and toilet
    ・25.2㎡ spacious room

    *Wide desks have already been introduced in the above Traveler's Double, Travelers Twin, and Joy Triple.

Winner of Rakuten Travel Silver Award 2023.Thank you for staying with us.

  • 【Rakuten Travel Silver Award 2023】Congratulations on the consecutive awards!

    This facility has won the Silver Award 2023 (among six facilities in Okinawa Prefecture) for the second consecutive year, following last year.
    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the guests who stayed with us.We will continue to work together with all employees to create a hotel where you can spend a comfortable time.
    We appreciate your continued patronage.

All rooms are equipped with furniture and home appliances.Comfortable guest room that is easy to stay

  • All guest rooms are equipped with IH kitchen, round dining table, 2-door 140L refrigerator, microwave oven, cooking utensils, and tableware.

    A circular dining table (wide twin seats 5 people) that makes dining time in the room enjoyable
    A large 2-door refrigerator that allows you to stock up on ingredients, ice cream, and drinks during your stay, and a self-paced and healthy environment is ideal for long stays.

    *With furniture appliances:You can start a long-term stay in Okinawa with just one bag.
    Of course, we have obtained permission from the hotel and inn business, so we can stay from one night.

    *In the two years since opening, we have a record of 202 consecutive nights (couple), 68 nights (1 female business), and other long-term stays.

    *Facilities and environment for Workation is, Kaue contract of companies like, please feel free to ask because we also support long-term stay contract.

Introduced 43-inch to 65-inch 4K smart TV (Internet TV) in all guest rooms

  • More fun! Introduced 43-inch large-screen 4K smart TV in all guest rooms(Automatic history deletion with hotel specifications)

    ■Introducing smart TV(43 inch SONY 4K BRAVIA)
    *Compatible with NETFLIX, PrimeVideo, Hulu, U-NEXT, DAZN, YouTube, AmebaTV, GYAO
    *The above paid video distribution service requires a customer's individual contract (ID / password).You can enjoy it on the big screen by entering your home TV login information.

    ■With mirroring function (built-in Chromecast) Please use the large screen for photos and videos while traveling that are stored on your smartphone.

    ■Free room theater(200 titles including Western and Japanese movies)

    ■Since it is a hotel professional TV, you can rest assured that your ID / password and VOD history will be deleted when you turn off the power.

【cleanliness】Flooring tiles in guest rooms are finished with a disinfecting wet sheet after vacuuming.

  • Common to all guest rooms.After carefully vacuuming, we finish with a disinfecting wet sheet.

    In consideration of ecology and hygiene, we have prepared “disposable pile slippers” at the entrance of the guest room.

Wi-Fi Available【Free】

  • About the internet environment in the room

    Equipped with Wi-Fi with separate passwords for each room.
    The password is on the "Black Binder Page 1" above the guest room desk.
    A LAN cable is also available in the room.

The standard furniture appliances (free of charge) support a Naha

  • 【Around the kitchen, cooking utensils, tableware】(Usually stored under the kitchen)

    ・Home appliances:IH kitchen,2-door refrigerator,Microwave and microwave,Electric kettle

    ・kitchenware:Cutting board, Henckels knife, deep frying pan that can be used for stewing, salad drainer bowl (salad spinner), ladle, spatula

    ・Tableware:Plate size,Large bowl,tea bowl and soup bowl,Chopsticks,fork,spoon,Coffee spoon,Coffee cup,Ryukyu Glass cup for each person

    ・Other:Tableware drainer rack, kitchen detergent, sponge, sorting trash can

    ・What is not:Seasoning, plastic wrap, foil, kitchen paper

Sentoujan (Taiwanese breakfast) Once for 3 nights or more, go to the freezer in your room

  • Taiwanese warm breakfast set(Accommodation plan benefits ・ One service for 3 nights or more)

    【plan benefits for 3 consecutive nights or more】
    One gift of "Shentojan Taiwan Breakfast Set" from Taiwanese dim sum restaurant Tyrone on Ukishima Dori StreetSet it in the freezer in your room, take it out in the morning, and leave it in the freezer bag.The capacity is just right for a bowl in the kitchen.

    Shen Toshan is Taiwan's standard breakfast.A soy milk-based soup with a addictive acidity.The contents are a set of "fried bread", "flavoring ingredients", "homemade chili oil", and "1 dim sum bun (Agu pork meat bun)".
    *Allergy indication:Beans, wheat, eggs(Fried bread)

    While looking at the cooking example on the bag, chin in the microwave as it is! Be careful because it's hot.Spicy with homemade chili oil if you like

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Hotel Name

Kariyushi Condominium Resort Naha Ryujin Hotel Ukishima


2-5-36 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture

Telephone number

098-967-7112 Kariyushi Condominium Reservation Center


・Naha Airport, get off at Yui Rail “Kencho-mae” Station Kokusai Dori Street for 9 minutes.
・Naha Airport, pick up your rental car and go to the hotel.
・About 15 minutes by taxi from Naha Airport (About 1500 yen)
・Naha Airport, take the local bus and get off at the "Matsuo" stop.
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Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

098-967-7112(Kariyushi Condominium Reservation Counter)

09: 30-18: 00