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In this facility / facility

Information in this facility

Information in this facility

There is no restaurant on site, but you can enjoy your own pace with the IH kitchen and large refrigerator in all rooms.

In addition, the area around the hotel has many restaurants.In addition, there is no problem with your daily life-conscious stay, such as a 24-hour convenience store that is a 30-second walk away.

Map in this facility

The front desk (planned to use the check-in system together) is on the 1st floor, and the guest rooms are on the 2nd to 12th floors.

List of facilities in this facility

List of facilities in this facility
  • Check-in from 15:00 to 22:00 Check-out 10:00(Drop off the key in the dedicated mailbox on the 1st floor and depart.)

    ・The front desk closes at 20:00 after all check-ins are completed.

    ・Accommodation fee will be charged in advance at check-in.
     Cash and credit cards(AMEX / JCB / VISA / MASTER / DINERS / DC / NICOS / UFJ)

    ・Depending on plan, check-out may be available until 11:00 or 12:00.Please choose plan according to your schedule.

    ・When checking out, please put the key in the "silver key return post" inside the main entrance on the 1st floor before departure.

    ・Rakuten Travel, the travel agency of the plan, such as Jalan is, you will find pre-card settlement plan, even airline tickets with a plan
  • 【1F】Front desk Acrylic board / disinfectant installed

  • More convenient credit cards can be used at the front desk.

    The types of credit cards that can be used at the front desk have increased.
    You can use it for payment more conveniently.
  • 【Front desk】Rental equipment

    It is available at the front desk. (14: 00-20: 00)
    Please bring it to your room and use it.
    Please return it after use.

    ・5 irons
    ・5 ironing boards
    ・3 trouser presses

    【Apply for babies and children on a first-come, first-served basis】 
    Apply by email to the front desk:info@ryujin-hotel.okinawa

    ・1 crib(1500 yen per night, for children under 1 year old)
    ・5 bed guards
     Some rooms have a bed attached to the wall(Queen double wide twin)
  • 【1F】vending machine

    ・Located on the 1st floor(Soft drink)
    ・There is a 24-hour convenience store within a 30-second walk
  • Affiliated parking lot:Adjacent"Oshiro Parking"

    There is a contract-affiliated parking lot "Oshiro Parking" on the left side when facing the facility entrance.
    We will give you a discount coupon of 300 yen per night for the number of nights at check-in.
    *However, please use the first-come-first-served basis (up to 30 cars), and use the nearby coin parking when the car is full.We're sorry, but no discounts are applied at other parking lots.

    24H warehousing / delivery possible

    24H(Since it is a mechanical coin parking, it is necessary to settle every time it is taken in and out.)

Hotel facility overview

About the room

All 53 rooms, each room where you take off your shoes and go up like at home, is clean with flooring specifications.
A variety of room types, from single travelers double to wide twins (capacity 5 people, 10 rooms).

Standard room facilities

・All rooms have bath (bathtub / shower) / toilet(Each private room is a separate and convenient structure)
 Only wide twin universal (1 room in total) is a large shower room.
・Air conditioning
・TV SONY 4K BRAVIA 43 inch
・TV SONY 4K BRAVIA 65 inch(Wide twin)
・2-door refrigerator(The contents are empty)
・Washing machine
・Gas dryer
・Room theater 150ch free viewing
・Internet TV
・1200W dryer
・Flooring specifications

Internet related

Internet for all rooms
・Connection method 
 Wifi(Wi-Fi Separate password for each room)
 Wired LAN(LAN cable 3m installed indoors)

・Free Internet
・There is no rental PC

Bath amenities

・bath towel
・Face towel
・Toothbrush set(tooth paste)
・Body soap
・Cotton swab
・hand soap

No smoking allowed inside the building

All non-smokingPlease refrain from smoking on the terrace and corridors, including electronic cigarettes.

Credit cards that can be used locally


Standard check-in time


Standard check-out time

10:00(Please post it to the key post on the 1st floor and leave.)


・Wheelchair rental(1 unit, reservation required at the front desk)
・Wheelchair transfer within the facility without assistance
・Elevator available when moving to the floor
・There is a priority parking lot
・There is one wide twin universal (barrier-free room).
 However, there are small steps in the entrance and bathroom of the room.
 It also has a large shower booth, making it ideal for a family vacation of three generations.


There is one wide twin universal (barrier-free) room.However, there are small steps in the entrance and bathroom of the guest room.It also has a large shower booth, making it ideal for a family vacation of three generations.

Cancellation provisions

7 to 2 days ago:30% of room rate
1 days prior:80% of room rate
On the day of arrival:100% of room rate
Cancellation without any contact:100% of room rate
*If there is a cancellation policy set for each accommodation plan, that will be given priority.

Number of rooms/53 rooms in total

・Travelers Double:15 rooms(Including high floor room)
・Travelers Twin:9 rooms(Including high floor room)
・Hollywood Twin:3 rooms
・Queen double:10 rooms(Including high floor room)
・Joy Triple:6 rooms(Including high floor room)
・Wide twin universal:1 room
・Wide twin:8 rooms(Including high floor room)
・Wide Twin Phiten Room:1 room

Size(Numbers are maximum accommodation capacity)

【25.2 square meters, one-room】(Numbers are maximum accommodation capacity)
・Travelers Double(2)
・Travelers Double High Floor(2)
・Queen double(2)
・Queen double high floor(2)
・Travelers Twin(2)
・Travelers Twin High Floor(2)
・Hollywood Twin(2)
・Joy Triple(3)
・Joy Triple High Floor(3)

【42.0 square meters・1LDK】
・Wide twin universal(Five)
・Wide twin(Five)
・Wide twin high floor(Five)
・Wide Twin Phiten Room(Five)

Bed type and size

・Travelers Double:1 double bed (1400 mm width)
・Queen double:1 queen double bed (1600mm width)
・Travelers Twin:2 single beds (1030 mm width)
・Joy Triple:3 semi-single (850mm width)

・Wide twin Universal:2 beds + 2 futons + 1 sofa bed
・Wide twin:2 beds + 2 futons + 1 sofa bed

【Common】Guest Room Equipment/Supplies

・Private rooms in the bathroom and toilet are separate and comfortable
(There is a washroom in the bath.There is no shower curtain and you can use it comfortably like at home)
(Bath chair,There is a pail)
・Air conditioning(Can be set for each room)
・Air purifier with Plasmacluster humidification function
・43 inch 4K smart TV(Free VOD200ch and YouTube etc.)
・2-door refrigerator(The contents are empty)
・IH kitchen
・Washing machine
・Gas clothes dryer

<Additional specifications only for wide twin>
・65 inch 4K smart TV(Free VOD200ch and YouTube etc.)
・Walk-in closet
・2 door large refrigerator(The contents are empty)