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List of frequently asked questions

  • Q:Please tell me the time and place of check-in

    A:Yes, we do this at the front desk on the 1st floor of the hotel.At the same time, we are also introducing non-face-to-face check-in machinContinue reading
  • Q:What time is check-out?

    A:Yes, it's 10:00 am.
    Departure by posting to the "key post" in the front entrance on the 1st floor.There is no drop-in at the front desk.
  • Q:Is the hotel non-smoking?

    A:Yes, the rooms are non-smoking, including the terrace.Please refrain from electronic cigarettes.We apologize to all smokers, but please unContinue reading
  • Q:What kind of "room type" do you have?

    A:We have 5 types of rooms from 25.2㎡ to 42.0㎡.You can also choose the high floors from the 9th floor to the 12th floor from the plan
    ・TraveContinue reading
  • Q:Is the bed a "duvet style" finish?

    A:Yes, we have a clean and comfortable duvet style on every bed.
  • Q:First introduced in a hotel in Japan What is Culiess Ag Bed?

    A:Yes, it was the first hotel in Japan to introduce it to all beds.It is produced domestically by FRANCE BED CO., LTD., FRANCE BED CO., LTD.Continue reading
  • Q:Can I connect to the internet in my room?

    A:Free Wi-Fi connection service is available in all guest rooms.
    Each room is equipped with Wi-Fi with a separate password, and the passwordContinue reading
  • Q:Is there a smartphone / mobile charger installed in the guest room?

    A:Yes, we have chargers in all rooms that are compatible with carriers with five tips.
    ・Multi-connector 4in1(Micro USB + Type-C + FOMA + CDMContinue reading
  • Q:Is there an outlet at the bedside of the bed?

    A:Yes, all beds have a power supply and a USB outlet at the bedside.
    Double beds and queen beds are provided on the left and right, twins anContinue reading
  • Q:Is there an air purifier in the room?

    A:Yes, we have Plasmacluster Air Purifier Made by Sharp (with humidification function) in all rooms.
  • Q:Is there a washing machine and gas dryer in the room?

    A:Yes, we do provide.A free fully automatic washing machine and gas dryer are installed in the dressing room.You will have less luggage suchContinue reading
  • Q:Is there a kitchen in the room?

    A:Yes, all rooms have it.
    IH stove, dining table set, 2-door refrigerator, microwave oven that can bake toast, electric kettle, cooking utenContinue reading
  • Q:Do you have a microwave?

    A:Yes, we have microwave ovens in all kitchens.Please use it conveniently as a normal range.
  • Q:Do you have cooking utensils?

    A:Yes, we have various items in the kitchen(The photos are taken out and lined up)
    We have a simple lineup of deep frying pans, salad bowls,Continue reading
  • Q:Is there an electric kettle to boil water?

    Yes, we have an electric kettle in the kitchen of every room.
  • Q:Is there a rice cooker in the kitchen?

    A:Unfortunately, we do not provide it.For rice, please purchase packed rice (chin in the microwave) at nearby stores and heat it in the micrContinue reading
  • Q:Is there any seasoning in the kitchen?

    A:From the viewpoint of preventing foreign substances from entering, seasonings (salt, pepper, soy sauce, mayonnaise, oil, etc.) are not insContinue reading
  • Q:Which room is suitable for business (working, etc.)?

    A:Yes, we have permanently installed a workspace with bright ceiling lighting in the guest room where you can concentrate on your work. (InsContinue reading
  • Q:What type of TV is in the guest room?

    A:Yes, we have introduced a 43-inch BRAVIA 4K Internet TV (65-inch wide twin).
    In addition, "Room Theater 150 Channel (VOD)" is free during Continue reading
  • Q:Does the TV in your room have a Chromecast function?

    A:Yes, Chromecast is built into the TV, so you can easily enjoy the videos on your smartphone on a large TV screen... (We will connect from Continue reading
  • Q:What is the size of the TV in the room?

    A:Doubles, twins and triples are available in 43 inches, and wide twins are available in 65 inches (wall-mounted).Introduced SONY 4K BRAVIA Continue reading
  • Q:Is there an "accessory tray" in the room?

    A:Yes, we have an accessory tray (with velor and ring groove) on which you can place rings and accessories on your desk.Lost and found itemsContinue reading
  • Q:Is there a baggage rack in the room?

    A:Yes, we have a foldable baggage rack in your room.
    In addition, FRANCE BED adopts a high-footed bed, and it is possible to store suitcasesContinue reading
  • Q:What type of bath is in the room?

    A:Yes, the separate bathroom has a bathtub, shower, bath chair and vault.
    There is a washing place where you can wash your body like at homeContinue reading
  • Q:What kind of amenities do you have in your room?

    A:Yes, we have hotel-specific amenities for your comfort.Equipped with bath towel, face towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothpaste sContinue reading
  • Q:Are the bathroom and toilet the same type?

    A:All rooms are separate types with separate bathrooms and private toilets, making them comfortable and comfortable to use.In addition, you Continue reading
  • Q:Is the private toilet room independent?

    A:Yes, we have a comfortable toilet room that is separate from the bathroom.
    It comes with a warm water washing toilet seat and an etiquetteContinue reading
  • Q:Is there a warm water washing toilet seat in the toilet?

    A:Yes, we have it in all rooms.Of course, the toilet seat has been disinfected and we are waiting for you.Private rooms for bath and toilet Continue reading
  • Q:Is there a large communal bath / spa in this facility?

    A:Unfortunately there is no such thing.
  • Q:Is there a vacuum cleaner in the room?

    A:Yes, floor wipers (floor cleaning tools) are installed in the flooring tile rooms.

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