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6 stations from the airport by Yui Rail, 9 minutes walk from Kencho-mae Station

Freely activate with "Yui Rail" or "rent-a-car"! Active location just off Kokusai Dori Street

Convenient location in Naha city.Naha Airport, you can come by various means of transportation such as "Yui Rail, " "rent-a-car," "taxi," and "route bus."

Kariyushi Condominium Resort Naha Ryujin Hotel Ukishima Area Map

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Hotel Name

Kariyushi Condominium Resort Naha Ryujin Hotel Ukishima


2-5-36 Matsuo, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture

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Naha Airport, get off at Yui Rail “Kencho-mae” Station and walk 9 minutes toward Kokusai Dori Street.
About 15 minutes by taxi from Naha Airport(\ 1,400)

Access from Naha Airport

Naha Airport, take the Yui Rail to 6 stations \ 270 to “Kencho-mae” Station.
From there, we arrived at the Kokusai Dori Street in 9 minutes on foot.It takes about 15 minutes by taxi and costs 1,500 yen.

Those who receive a rental car at the airport can use the affiliated parking lot "Oshiro Parking" next to the hotel at a discounted rate (first-come-first-served basis).
  • When using a car

    Chitose Airport
    Narita Airport
    Haneda Airport → Naha Airport → By rental car / taxi → Approximately 15 minutes ¥ 1400
    Kansai Airport
    Hiroshima Airport
    Fukuoka Airport

    ・Parking:Although it is not available at the hotel, the adjacent parking lot "Oshiro Parking" will give you a discount coupon of ¥ 300 a day at check-in.(Up to 3 nights)

    ・"Ukishima Dori Street" in front of the hotel is a one-way Kokusai Dori Street toward Kokusai Dori Street.

    ・Held a pedestrian paradise (transit mall) on Kokusai Dori Street.Every Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00, it becomes a pedestrian paradise and vehicles are not allowed to pass.However, it is possible to cross by a few vehicles from Ukishima Dori Street front of the hotel, and it is convenient because it is possible to cross Kokusai Dori Street and pass through Paradise Dori Street.
  • Yui Rail(monorail)

    【Access】6 stations 13 minutes from Naha-kuko Station, get off at “Kencho-mae” Station.
    【Fare】Adults \ 270 / Children \ 140 It takes about 9 minutes from the station to the hotel via Kokusai Dori Street.
  • Pick up your rental car at the airport

    It is common to apply in advance via the Internet or telephone, take the shuttle bus of each car rental company from Naha Airport, and pick up at the station.
  • Go straight by taxi

    Naha Airport takes about 15 minutes from the taxi stand at Naha Airport and costs 1,400 yen.
    Of course, you can attach it to the front of the hotel, but it is cheaper to walk down at the Matsuo Intersection on Kokusai Dori Street. (2 minutes on foot)
  • Using a fixed-route bus

    Use No. 120 for 20 minutes 240 yen, get off at Matsuo Bus Stop stop, about 2 minutes.